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Lightning struck quartz

Lightning Struck Quartz

Chapada Do Corisco  (flash lightning flatland)

in northern Brazil is ranked one of top regions

in the world for lightning to ground strikes.

When Lightning strikes quartz it creates a deep etching into the crystal.

The Vibrational energy of these Quartz allow one to open to higher dimensional energies, which helps one move forward on life"s soul path.   



rooster tail quartz, amhibole quatz

'Rooster Tail Quartz, a new find from Brazil is known for its Red and Gold color with swirling mossy plumes and fancy inclusions. Each crystal has great detail , unique and one of a kind in design. Rooster Tail Quartz helps balance your energy of the body , mind spirit and emotions. It promotes brotherhood, good will and generosity.'

                                              Judy Hall

Rooster Tail Quartz

Paraiba Kyanite

paraiba kyanite

Paraiba Kyanite is an extraordinary crystal which aides in ones telepathic abilities. Kyanite is one of the only minerals that will not retain negative energy and never requires cleansing.

The Paraiba(Neon blue) Kyanite connects you to the angels of truth and wisdom.

Red Phantom Quartz

Tangerine phantom quartz

Red Phantom Quartz activates and harmonizes the sacral chakra stimulating the flow of creative energy. It also blends creative and sexual energies which encourages spiritual growth.

It is an excellent stone to use after a shock or trauma. It can be used for soul retrieval and help to heal after a psychic attack.

Sagenite Rutile in Quartz

Sagenite rutile in quartz

Sagenite Rutile in Quartz is the term that describes quartz having criss cross needle-like crystals of rutile. This is a stone for the wise-woman, priest or shaman, enabling safe passage into other worlds and promotes wisdom and truth to whatever is revealed there. The mineral encourages positivity and brings forth white light into the nooks and crannies of ones life.

White Amethyst with Citrine Phantoms

amethyst with citrine phantom

The metaphysical properties of White Amethyst with Citrine Phatoms is promoting optimism, releases blockages and gets rid of depression and negative thoughts. The spiritual enlightenment encourages the side of both femininity and masculinity, so the stone is also said to be great at making or strengthening bond between couple. 

Lemurian Ice Quartz
TurkishScheelite, Lapis laced onyx
Brookite in Quartz

Turkish Scheelite


Solar Quartz

Lemurian Ice Quartz

Brookite in Quartz

The energy of Turkish Scheelite is one that instills mental balance. It also covers the body in a energy of well being and mental clarity.

Turkish Scheelite also helps you see the bigger picture and understand others and their motives from a place of understanding.

Turkish Scheelite can be used in astral travel and shamanic journeying. It is also a strong meditation stone helping you to gain the peace within.

The frequency of Herderite powerfully effects the third eye and crown chakras thus aiding with psychic abilities by increasing brain function, the ability to learn and one’s memory.

Herderite helps to open and align the causal vortex, and soul star transpersonal chakras, thus allowing one to raise one’s consciousness to the higher dimensions and to integrate higher frequency vibrations into one’s brain centres

Brookite in Quartz is a high vibrational stone that has a powerful effect within the higher chakras. It will help you to expand your awareness, and it is extremely effective if you are seeking to become conscious of your spirit guides. Brookite in Quartz may enhance your ability to make a connection to both beings in the higher spiritual realms and entities from other places in the universe, including extra terrestrial beings. It may aid you to contact Angels.

Solar Quartz connects with the spirit and provides strength and clarity. It amplifies one’s healing ability by simulating the natural crystals found in the tissues of the body.

While holding Solar Quartz you will feel like you are drawn towards the centre of your physical being. The Sun of your physical galaxy.

Solar Quartz is a bridge between your mind and the physical self. Solar Quartz helps to allow one to communicate with all animals, trees and other plants and minerals.

Lemurian Ice Quartz connects to all the physical and transpersonal chakras. Its high vibrational energy opens one’s consciousness to the higher dimensions so that one may receive guidance and wisdom and be receptive to one’s soul’s impulses.

The rainbows within the crystalline matrix raises the vibrations of the Quartz so that its energy works multi-dimensional When you connect to this crystal and it’s energy, you are connecting to this grid of associated energies from the Earth, the stars and beyond.



Heliodore radiates with the Sun's golden ray of higher knowledge. It stimulates the higher mind and enables the mind to function more freely. It is the ultimate confidence and well-being crystal. The vibration of this crystal has the power to remove emotional debris and emotional toxins.

Heliodore is a hope, which alleviates feelings of nervousness, heavy burdens and immense pressure. It has the ability to boost optimism, drive and determination. It helps one to understand and see the benefits behind  obstacle faced within life's path. It promotes a will to succeed.


Cacoxenite in Quartz is known to have a vibration that links all of humanity and guides.It aids personal ascension by assisting one in developing their psychic gifts, especially psychic knowing, which will aid in taking the right path for spiritual elevation.

Cacoxenite in Quartz attunes one to it’s metaphysical abilities and triggers the development of psychic abilities to further healing and wellness on all levels for the healing of Earth. 


Cacoxenite in Quartz

Cacoxenite in Quarz, Super 7

Lemurian Chlorite Phantoms are powerful physical healers that assist in achieving balance, health and realignment of our vibrational and physical aspects. They can aid in connecting us to healing guides and to the earth. Through meditation they can help us to journey within to find the source of physical ailments. Lemurian Chlorite Phantoms are thought to support cell function and regeneration. They protect the body from harmful radiation and are useful to stabilize energy during cancer radiation

Lemurian Chlorite Phantom

Lemurian chlorite phantom



In the High Sierras of Northern California, new crystals have been found and identified by the Native American Indians as ancient healing stones. Their structure is glass-like in appearance.They range in s colors: green, blue, yellow, amber, and root beer brown.

 These crystals are being used for enhanced connection to Spirit in meditations and group healings. Each stone and its associated color have a specific resonance to the person who chooses it.

Andara Glass

Andara glass