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Moldavite Direct from the Czech Republic.

We are the authorized distributor for one of the few legal operating mines in the Czech Republic. When you buy legally extracted Moldavite, you support responsible mining of the mineral and future land rehabilitation. The taxes paid by the legal mining operations goes directly to the local communities where the mineral is mined.


Much of the Moldavite on the market today has been dug out without the proper permits and often without the property owners permission. The devastation left behind by this unlicensed extraction causes enormous problems for both the land owners and the surrounding community.


About 11 million years ago Moldavite burst onto the earth with enormous force as a giant meteor metamorphosing the surrounding rock into a glass like non-crystalline substance, fusing the power of the sky with that of Mother Earth. It represents cosmic transformation that heralds a change in the consciousness.


This stone is prized as a bringer of cosmic wisdom and puts you in touch with the highest guidance Star Beings, Ascended Masters, and Cosmic Messengers. Use it to connect with ancient wisdom.


AFFIRMATION: 'I am a child of the stars and the Earth. I am the unity of the opposites, the integration of all that is.'

                                    as stated by Judy Hall author of the 'Crystal Bible'

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